The Empowering Government™ community is an international coalition of problem solvers that care about the opportunities for improving government and the issues that prevent government from delivering repeatable smart solutions for complex issues. Internationally, the public-sector (Federal, State, Local,  Defense, and NGOs) struggles with solving complex cross domain problems.  The empowering government community is helping by “connecting the dots” between the government’s problems and opportunities and the standards, technologies and best practices we already have to help address them.

Issues of particular interest involve opportunities for shared services, business transformation, managing and utilizing data, infrastructure, enterprise and solutions architecture, automating and streamlining I.T. solutions, analytics, interoperability and sharing of information within and across domains with trusted partners.  Capabilities discussed on Empowering Government also serve to mitigate negative factors such as excessive cost, unnecessary risks, project failures and extended timelines. By leveraging what we have we can remove the barriers to success.

“Business as usual” is not an option; the world has changed too much. The internet age combined with globalization and advanced technologies have changed the equation of what we can do, should do and how we do it. Understanding how to embrace such change is hard; together we can figure it out. Our collaboration has the power to create a databank of what works – problems solved by others around the globe.

Our coalition is a member-driven community.  We represent government, academia, industry, and standards bodies.  Program managers, executives’, engineers, and architects motivated to solve problems. The empowering government community is sponsored by the Object Management Group (OMG), an international consensus standards organization. While sponsored by OMG, participation in our community is open to everyone interested in collaboratively solving the problems of government.


The primary “deliverable” of empowering government is information and collaboration. Collaboration is facilitated through face-face meetups, webinars, and this web site. Information is authored by community stakeholders and curated by an independent board to be valuable, unprejudiced and comply with our policies.

As stated above, we focus on the standards, technologies and best practices that provide capabilities to empower government. These capabilities help government realizes its mission. Our focus is not political or policy oriented; we want to help the initiatives of government succeed – not influence what they are.

Empowering government information (or “content”) will usually be seen as articles on the web site, topics of meetups or webinars. See the calendar for interesting events.


Any coalition needs some rules and organizational structure. Empowering government (EG) is a program of the Object Management Group® (OMG®). The OMG funds Empowering Government and manages the program through a workgroup of the OMG’s government domain task force (GovDTF). GovDTF elects members to the “EG Board”. The EG board manages the EG program and directs the curation of content.

Primary EG content (not including discussion) such as articles or webinars is authored by “content providers”.  Content providers are expected to have some expertise in a subject area or to have experience in applying some standard, technology or best practice. Content providers must agree to the EG policies, including the IPR policy for free and unlimited distribution. The EG board then reviews content submissions and may approve content for publication through EG.

Anyone may sign up as an EG member through the web site. Being an EG member allows you to be identified with the community (only if you elect to be identified), filter content by your interests, see who else is involved, and post to discussions.


As an open community; empowering government must have the authority to curate content but must not abuse that authority to push an agenda, sell specific products or silence constructive dissent. The EG Board is very sensitive to this balance and is intent on EG being a trusted resource of accurate and relevant information.  The policies for content and its curation are clearly articulated in our policies and procedures.

Discussion on articles is less restricted but still must be curated to eliminate spam, sales pitches, unrelated, or abusive postings.


Any stakeholder can participate in the Empowering Government community. The first step is to sign up on the website. Being an EG member allows you to be identified with the community (you may also opt-out of being identified), filter content by your interests and post to discussions. EG members may also become “content providers” by providing valuable information to the community as articles, meetup topics or webinars.

Empowering Government does not allow anonymous participation; each community member must identify themselves and any organizational affiliations. Those with “.gov”, OMG or other managed email addresses will automatically be admitted. To help reduce spam; individuals with other email addresses may be vetted. The EG board reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member that violates EG policies.

How you participate depends on your roles and interests as summarized below;


We are, of course, about empowering government and enabling government stakeholders. Start with pursuing the website – you don’t even have to sign-up.  See what you can leverage based on what others have done. Come to a meetup, join a webinar, sign up on the website. You are welcome and your perspectives valued. As part of the community, you are also encouraged to become a content provider and share your case studies – what has and has not worked for you.


As an expert, you have an informed and valuable perspective to share with the community. You have deep knowledge of some standard, technology or best practice that could make a difference, could help make government more efficient and effective. While we recognize that some experts may have commercial ties, your content should not push a product or your organization’s agenda.  Expertise is also where academia is welcome, be part of our community and share your research. The empowering government community can help connect the dots between your ideas and the problems that face government.

To start: See what has already been posted, participate in meetups and discussions and then consider submitting your content. We are all part of this community, working collaboratively.


Products and services are part of the capabilities landscape to realize many of the ideas discussed on Empowering Government. While articles, webinars, and meetups can not be a “sales pitch,” vendors are welcome to post a vendor listing and discuss how their products and services enable the capabilities proposed in the other sections. The vendor section is clearly separate from Empowering Government articles but may be linked to such articles where the vendor can help government make it happen.

Vendor resources must not be abused and are vetted like any other content. Any OMG member may provide a vendor listing; the EG Board must approve other vendors.


As an OMG member, you are already participating in a community building and leveraging standards. All OMG members (other than trial) can automatically become EG members. OMG task forces are also encouraged to develop and post articles in their area of interest. There is also an OMG mailing list for OMG internal discussions – “empoweringgovernment” – signup in the usual way.

Many OMG task forces and special interest groups are already doing things that benefit government. OMG standards and task forces of interest to government include Model Driven Architecture, the Unified Modeling Language, Business Process Modeling Language, Systems Engineering Modeling Language, Semantic Technologies, and others. OMG also has task forces for relevant domains such as Healthcare, Systems Engineering, Systems Assurance, Cyber Security, Business Architecture, Space, C4I and others.


The community is here; the content is starting to flow. Join us to help empower government.